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A website including domain and hosting

Need a Website

  • Maknoon enables you to own a website with easy to use control board through which you can update it continually without having to refer back to companies or individuals, as the board makes you capable of establishing infinite number of divisions as well as administrative pages.
  • Your website on Maknoon free business is a great opportunity to profit and prove yourself; through it you can communicate with the world and reach the targeted customers all over the world.
  • Your entrance to "Maknoon free business" by purchasing a website is the living example of hitting two birds with one stone, if your website is new with no visitors Maknoon can guarantee you a rapid and unexpected dispersal, plus it guarantee the increase of number of visitors and members continually.
  • The other bird is your profit by "Maknoon free business" network ads profit and revenues of your sales.

Ads on the Websites

Need Ads

  • We offer our customers' ads on millions of websites related or unrelated to Maknoon network and with us you will reach a large portion of you targeted customers.

Ads by e-mail

Need Ads By Email

  • there is no doubt that ads by e-mail are one of the fastest and largest ways to reach customers directly all over the world, in addition its results have outnumbered the ADs through televised media locally and globally.

Ads by SMS

Need Ads By SMS

  • SMS advertising is one of the easiest and most successful mean to reach the targeted customers, so it is one of the feasible ways to achieve direct objective.
  • Send a promotional text message by Vodafone, mobinil, or etisalat and win free Ads on Ismailia online.

The domain and hosting

Need a Domain

  • Joining Maknoon special hosting plans gives you piece of mind and guarantee a high quality post sales service. Book a whole year for only 350 L.E.


Need a Design for Logo,Business Card,Banner..etc

  • Maknoon is known by having some of the best and creative engineers, Maknoon different designs are unique and eye catching ones we offer:
    • Logo Design.
    • Business Card Design.
    • Banner / Poster Design.
    • Brochure Design.
    • Catalog Design.
    • Giveaways Design (Mugs, CD's Covers, Bags, Pens, T-Shirts,..).
    • Website design.

managing warehouses and sales software

Need to Save Time , Effort ,..etc

  • Your true success nowadays is by running your project through our mobile providing you with comfort, speed, saving time, effort and money for you and your employees.
  • Therefore by linking managing warehouses and sales software to your mobile through the internet along with cashier machines, surveillance cameras, electronic lock ..etc. you take your business to a whole new level.
    Warehouses and durable goods 3000
    Clinique 5000
    Restaurants 6500
    Optics 3600
    Closolidg 1800
    Computers and mobiles 3500
  • On requesting another copy you receive a 50% discount on the second copy except the clothes shops they get only 20%.

Surveillance and security systems

Need Security

  • We can't live today without the means and tools that provide us with safety and discipline. Attendance and departure device via fingerprints - electronic locks - security gates to prevent gold and clothes from stealing- surveillance cameras- armed doors.

Mobile appliances

Need a Mobile Apps

  • The internet technology moved into the cell phones rapidly until it became indispensable and the mobile is useless if it doesn't have access to the internet.
  • That's why the website should be appropriate and suitable for modern mobiles, especially for those who are aiming at mobile markets.


Need to Market your Products quickly

  • Maknoon' experts realize the importance of e-marketing and the volume of e-commerce around the world so don't worry about selling your product through Maknoon anywhere around the globe.

Managing Websites

Need a Complete control over your website

  • Business owners all over the world seek the help of specialists and experts to run their websites to guarantee success and the hoped revenues.
  • Maknoon works through its ongoing study in this field to develop the best managerial and operational systems for websites to help you become no.1.


What Is This?

  • wafarnalak is a website founded by Maknoon especially to sell different products with competitive prices. You can purchase from wafarnalak and own an account in Maknoon marketing tree.

Wafarnalak Promotional Handout:

What Is This?

  • Is a promotional freely distributed handout where the advertiser in different areas all over the Arabian world can reach the targeted customers through. Wafarnalak Ismailia is a widely spread handout "don't hesitate trying it".

Online courses

Need a Course

  • Maknoon online courses qualify you to break into the world of e-commerce and e-marketing.
  • Maknoon online courses provide you with internationally credible certificates that helps you get a job in finest institutions and enables you to excel in the gigantic project "Maknoon free business".

Joining Maknoon website network

Join Us

  • If you are an owner of a website do not hesitate to join maknoon's world through "Maknoon website network" for websites.