Maknoon strives through an integrated teamwork which is equipped with the latest tools and systems to take part in the events of social development by using and exploitation of modern technologies in the modern world such as the Internet and its tools
Software industry and websites, development, follow-up, supervision &profit from becoming a reality and the reality cannot be ignored. , So it was necessary for us to work on the development of the system in which everyone can participate and the binding among reality development and the exploitation of such technology through easy-to-use development programs are available to all through Maknoon.
Maknoon is one of the major investment organizations  so we always want to be the first and we want everyone to share us through what Maknoon Through its distinctive work and programs that connecting people better to their reality    and help them to increase the income they get so they can live a better life . 
Maknoon as an Egyptian organization concerned with the Internet and software industry, the primary objective is to improve such industry within the Arab Republic of Egypt and get ready for competition through international successes
Work to provide Internet technology for all, easily and conveniently to all segments of society without any complexity 
Helping the different groups in society to learn information technology and using it’s  tools easily