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Privacy policy
At Maknoon we are committed as a company to protect your privacy and develop technology that will provide you with total security while using our new internet technology through our network. This privacy statement on our web site organizes the data collection process and how we are going to use it. By using our company web site you agree on the terms and conditions of this privacy agreement. Our privacy policy apply to all the products and services provided by Maknoon. 
Collecting your personal information
The company will require some personal information like your email address; name; home address and phone number. Other general information will also be collected like gender; age; favourite colours; and other general interests.
Other information regarding your computer and soft ware provided by Maknoon; including your IP address ; your search engine; favourite web sites; how many time you access each page. Maknoon will use this information not only to facilitate our services but also to assure the quality of the services provided by our company. We will also use this data in regular surveys regarding the users of our websites. Maknoon do not record any personal phone calls on its network. 
It is important to note that revealing any of your personal information directly to the users of our network we will not be responsible for any misuse of this information by any member of the Maknoon network.  
Maknoon will also hold no responsibility on other privacy policy provided by other companies or websites using our network. We will also have no control on the search results or any offers provided by these websites. We will only hold responsibility for offers provided by Maknoon or other companies through Maknoon as long as it will hold our quality assurance stamp. 
The usage of your personal information 
Maknoon will use your personal information in order to facilitate the work through our net work and provide you with the exact services you require.  We will also use such information to offer you services and products of your interest provided by Maknoon and their associate companies. We might also be contacting you to help us in our regular surveys by answering questioners regarding our services or potential new services. 
Maknoon will not sell or rent our client lists to any other third parties. We will contact you first on behalf of any other companies regarding offers that you might be interested on. On these cases your personal information will not be shared. Maknoon will share some of this information with some of our trusted services providers and companies to help us analyse the survey data or delivery services if you purchase any of our products. These trusted companies might email you with some details however they will be pound with our privacy policy not to share any of your personal information with anyone else.  Maknoon will not share any of your personal information lice race; religion or political views without your personal authorization.
Maknoon will monitor websites and web pages frequently used by our customers in order to determine the most popular services sites this will help in the update of our services and provide extra options to our clients including the possibility to advertise in the most visited web sites.  
Maknoon will reveal your personal information without authorization or personal notice only in the following cases; 
1- Comply with any legal action against members of our network. Any breach of the Egyptian law system or the Maknoon policies. 
2- Protecting the copy right s of Maknoon 
3- Acting under urgent circumstances to protect the personal safety of our clients.  
The safety of your personal information
Maknoon will protect your personal information against the illegal access or unauthorised usage. We will also protect any personal information that you will provide to any of our trusted network against and illegal access. In the case transferring your bank details (i.e credit card details) we will protect your information through encoding your data and using safe file transfer protocols like SSL. 
Policy update /change 
Maknoon will update its privacy policy from time to time to meet the requirements of our clients. And we are asking you to revise our policy from time to time to keep up to date with our policy and to protect your information
Contact information 
Maknoon welcome your comments and suggestions regarding our privacy policy. In the case you think we were not committed by any means to this statement please contact the site general manager immediately and all the necessary measures will be taken to resolve the problem.