|Importance of e-commerce

Importance of e-commerce

 There are Hundreds of thousands of companies and projects that have websites on the internet.

E-commerce imposes itself on the companies, projects and institutions And became significantly contribute to the economies of the countries. Economic Unity Council of Arab League of Arab States
Estimates growth rate of E-commerce  about 15% in Arab countries compared to 30%  globally
The importance of e-commerce that it aims to achieve many advantages for companies, traders and business owners or consumers.

A simple definition
E-commerce is a system that allows online movements buying , selling goods , services, and information

It also allows electronic movements that support revenue generation, such as promoting the demand for those goods and services and information. As the e-commerce allows online sales support operations and customer service.

E-commerce can be described as an electronic market where sellers (suppliers, or companies, or stores) and intermediaries (brokers) and buyers can communicate  and offers its products and services in the form of virtual or digital, also paid for with E-credit .

 First : The activities of E-commerce can be divided in its current form into two main sections :
E-commerce from companies to individual consumers (Business-to-Consumer) and can be shortened to ( B2C).  It represents trade between companies on the one hand and individual customers on the other.

E-commerce from companies to companies (Business-to-Business) and can be shortened to      ( B2B ) . It represents electronic trade between the company and the other.
The importance of e-commerce for consumers

Save time and effort
Today's clients appreciate the value of time and put it at the forefront of anything else and want to be able to follow up business in the best time of their convenience, it is through Web sites that customers can place orders in any time they want the customer can shopping 24 hours a day and throughout the year, and any place where there is no need for an effort to go to a specific place to buy he needs .

Freedom of choice
E-Trade offers multiple options for the consumer because the Internet contain  endless number of different topics and locations , services and users can access throughout the world It thus allows rationalization of the decisions taken by consumers due to its large number of sites of the flow of information in a timely and coordinated manner and accurate, allowing easy comparison between products and services Both in terms of price or quality or method of payment, and the time required to receive the required item or service and electronic commerce is particularly important for consumers in developing countries, where it can overcome the traditional barriers of distance and lack of information

 People in these countries can own products and goods that are not available in their countries. So through the freedom of choice that available to customers via the Internet they can  fulfill all their business through a network of investment services and stock trading, finance and consulting and  reservations tickets and Hotel reservations …..Etc.
Electronic experiments
Allows customers to exchange experiences and views among themselves many E-commerce sites establish forums for its members through which they can express their opinions about a particular product or service and how to use them and transmission this views between different customers and forums.   Customer when he wants to buy a commodity  become familiar with them before they buy and also can consult other customers have tried this item .
Flyers information
Most e-commerce sites when you visit it  and want the client  keep in touch on this site You ask him to register in this site as a member and to encourage  him to  registration you send periodical free bulletin to  the  client’s mail this bulletin contains information about  the goods and services offered by this site and its advantages and  importance this bulletin may be general information but  it will arrive to the customer on a periodically  and that will be very important .
 Discounts and reductions
Some e-commerce sites require any  person visiting to fill an application form to evaluate the website
And to encourage visitors fill out this form they offer certain discounts on their products or services to those who fills out this form or gifts or reduce discounts for a limited period.
Second: the importance of e-commerce for the national economy
Export Development
Electronic commerce has become affect the economies of the countries positively to its ability to generate financial returns from outside the state of export . E-Trade is the key to export to the outside and opened the way for many institutions to exceed local and regional borders and compete in world markets. It thus overcomes geographical barriers and transport and communication barriers because its  working to create wide opportunities to enter new markets outside the borders of the state and opening up to the large markets of consumers who aspire to get to know new products and goods is their local products .

Websites can promote national tourism electronically
Websites can play an important positive role to promote tourism through the establishment of national specialized sites for state the advantage of the tourist sites and hotels and archeological and give full details on the elements of tourism in this country . tourist when he sees these sites  wherever he is he ‘ll attracted to visit these places, so we should pay attention to these websites with all the elements of national tourism Tourist should know everything about the country who will go to  Electronically before moving from his place and sometimes wants to see a picture of a room that will come down at the hotel.

And in general create the websites of a country, whether it’s tourism country or other gives a good impression to everyone for this country or the state and may encourage investment in it, which has enormous positive results on the national economy.
So companies and institutions cannot fail to join the rode of electronic commerce or stand spectators because the damage caused by not  applying to  electronic commerce will not be limited to the institution or facility only, but also will inflict serious damage to the national economy.