|Maknoon At a Glance

Maknoon At a Glance

Established in 2009, Maknoon provides a wide range of locally relevant web content and services including news, sports, city guide, classifieds, and collective purchase.

Maknoon success depends on creating the best solutions based on the high quality, oriented, locally relevant, effective and trusted content in Egypt. Because of the internet and technology revolution, Maknoon is investing heavily in creating well qualified data-varied internet and mobile portals.

Maknoon believes in the importance of the digital marketing to enrich and enlarge the business market and increase our customers market share across their competitors, so Maknoon invested a lot to create and manage multiple digital marketing channels.

Our Vision
To lead the trusted digital content in Egypt to enhance the existence of information and open new markets for Egyptians.

Our Mission
To keep utilizing the latest state of art technologies to develop a very high quality digital content and services to enhance and help our customers to extend their markets.

Our Values
Our values depend on three piers, Innovation, Integrity, and Customer Satisfaction

Our Philosophy
We love our customers, we continue to create a lot of things for our clients, but more than anything, our goal is to create clients that have been transformed by what we create.