|Products sold online

Products sold online


One of the easiest ways on e-marketing is to create   an online store, So customers can through this store to do the following:
   Find out more about the products on display 
   Online customers can choose how to deliver the products they ordered by more than one way, by the dealer, mail or any other delivery service   .
Pay for their orders online.
For others who have actual stores  example ( computers and electronics stores )  , they can open an electronic shops and sell online  the same products  they actually  offer on the store , and this way considered an easy way to attract more clients from all over the world .
And there is another solution that you could have an online store without having an actual store and this is a perfect choice for importing and supplying companies ,  jewels companies for example .
  In theory, e-shop can sell anything traditional shop sells such as books , CD’s , electronics , games & clothes .
And it’s so clear that some products  are more suitable to sell online than to be on traditional stores like kids toys for example that can be stored for a long time and do not require special delivery arrangements and be sold online the most appropriate from the sale of fresh products
Sale online services:
You can also use electronic commerce through the sale of various types of online services
and these services can be classified into two categories:
Internet-related services, including:
Internet services for hosting websites, Weblogs & Discussion forums.
Learning online (E-learning)
Web portals for companies to market and sell their products
Web sites with restricted access, where they are paying a membership fee to allow user access to the materials available at these sites, which prevents non-members from accessing them, and this material could be articles or reports or interactive forums.
Traditional services not related to the Internet, such as:
Online advertising
Online advertising provides many exciting opportunities for those interested in marketing. For example, search engines rely on income from commercials, and for this they need partners and marketing agencies