|Importance of websites

Importance of websites


A lot of people think that the only reason to have a website on the internet is to sell a commodity or a service, and that alone, is in fact not true to a great extent.
There are multiple reasons for using websites and so many ways to benefit from them in business, which emphasizes the importance of having a website of your own, one or more of these reasons and ways are applicable to your work and explain why you need a website on the internet.
A website can deliver your message for millions of people to see
Millions of people all over the world can access the internet as well as your website despite the type of your profession; you cannot neglect those people, so in order to show them that you are interested in serving them through your work, it is essential to be on the internet.
Your competitors could be there too, consequently this is your opportunity to show your business and expand your customer base. Exhibit your vision to an extent the traditional media can’t reach.
The ability of a website to enhance your image
Even the smallest businesses out there can have an “internet presence” and are capable of competing directly with bigger organizations in the same business field.
You have to benefit from this situation and provide a better image to your work through your website to make your work more interesting and with better publicity than the bigger organizations in competition.
Your ability to increase productivity
Anyone who answers phone inquiries can tell you that his time is being wasted answering the same repeated questions over and over again on a daily basis. This issue can be solved easily by putting FAQs “frequently asked questions” and their answers on your website to avoid dealing with these routine inquiries. This leads to saving time and money that you can use grow and develop your business. Having the correct answers the website lessen the wasted time with customers, in addition to that the customer contacting you will have a previous knowledge of details before calling you. This saves employees’ time, ads costs…..etc.
Improve the ability of your business to compete
One of the most reasons that persuade small businesses to be the internet is that by owning a good design to its website, even if the number of employees in that business is one, it gives him a presence that is equal to the presence of a multinational corporation, and that’s for various reasons such as that the costs communication, marketing, printing ads are either free or low on the internet.
As for the big businesses they seek websites to strengthens not only the brands they own, but also as a mean to increase the importance of the institution, maximize its opportunities and enhance its management. Which are vital factors in the competition domain
The internet is the future; it will change numerous things in various areas such as means of entertainment and ways to operate businesses. The internet will reshape the market, shopping centers, financial institutions, agencies, and intermediaries.
Many businesses will abandon cities and expensive markets and go for the cheaper and less costing methods. Some businesses will head to the direct sale on the internet. Therefore you should start putting yourself in the right position, steps ahead from your competitors especially those who have no internet presence.
Your vision is always updated
In some occasions information changes even right before it comes out of the printing house, in this case you will be forced to pay a considerable amount of money updating, preparing and printing it, as for what you had already printed will be worthless pieces of paper.
e-publishing allows you to update the data on your websites within minutes, mostly you will be able to immediately announce the launch of a new product of yours, determine the new prices for sale, provide information, and update new offers.
The e-publishing can be changed according to your requirements; there will be no need for papers, ink, or print houses and their huge bills.
 You can also attach your website and link it with data base thus you can update it as many times as you like throughout the day.
Feasible costs of the website
The cost of professionally designed website is less than the cost of a postal advertising campaign; also the cost of placing the website on the internet is worth a very small amount in comparison with any of any advertising cost knowing that your public message will be seen by much more potential Customers. Having a website decreases the amount of money that you spend on printed marketing material, and it doesn't matter whether your business is big or small one, the cost of following the website, updating and enhancing it are relatively small and affordable.
Using the e-mail of the website 
Find interest and introduce your work
Performing business online 
Enhance means of communication with employees and customers
Receiving info rapidly and accurately without any intermediaries
Making the working data available for every one
Serving the customers
Publish private media materials
Performing sales and purchasing operations
Availability of continually ongoing 24/7 service
Reaching international markets
Better assistance for your customers
Availability of using multimedia 
Checking the acceptance of the market to a new product or a new service
Reaching private market
Reaching local market