If you searched for the reason what is everyone’s target in life you will find that we all seek to please Allah and reach the heaven to have imperishable property.
And because all the man-kind is living on a daily test, he was and still seeks to obey Allah . Although this target is so hard to get without working so hard.  And one of the methods we need to help us to live better is earning  money without disobeying Allah’s  roles .
Because money is one of the sources of power , Allah says :  Wealth and children are the adornments of the present life. But the things that last, the virtuous deeds, are better with your Lord for reward, and better for hope.
So without money you can’t help yourself or the others , and you will be count as jobless or a loser in the community !
And that’s why we want to find the modern easy way that anyone could use such as families or young people , fresh graduated & special needs from all over the world  to gain money by learning a new way to work with organized team work that will gave them the feeling of self-confidence and believing in themselves and help them to get their dreams come true .