|How do you start?

How do you start?

How to start?

How to register  …  you can launch your own new business with Maknoon free business by registration in Maknoon website    “Register here”  and choose  one of Maknoon’s  products or more to work through Maknoon Free Business.

 When you buy a product  from Maknoon  free business that  product makes you enter the world of Maknoon Free Business you may be in need of it  and that makes you only talking about the products of Maknoon free business with others in order to include them to your marketing tree and gain profits from direct and indirect commissions .

May be don’t need to buy a product from Maknoon’s products in the current time  but you can join Maknoon free business by choosing a product  you can easily sell it to anyone around you whether friends , individuals or business men you don’t know but they need a product from Maknoon’s products.

In this case just you make a deal on selling or marketing our product you automatically join Maknoon network, and you own your tree on Maknoon free business and you start your own business and gain profits and get profits up to 50.000 pounds.


Can I buy or sell more than one product and in each time have a new node with checks stop at 50,000 pounds?


The answer is yes … not only you can do that without any limits but also you can replace every 10,000 points of the points you get it when you buy products from Wafernalk website with a new node in Maknoon free business.


How can I do that??


Each product you buy from Wafarnalak  makes you get 200 points at least , that’s mean you can buy our product for yourself or your friends by your account in Wafarnalak and get 10.000 points in short time and that enable you to have a new node in Maknoon free business .


Should I buy a product from Maknoon’s products first or register in Maknoon free business first ?


 You should register first and invite your friends to register also because you can’t buy any product from Maknoon free business unless you already registered.


If I registered in Maknoon network, is this will make my node officially on business?


You can get benefits from your node in Maknoon free business network after paying the value of the product you buy or sell to someone else.


What is the best product in Maknoon free business that makes me gain profits?


Actually owing a website in Maknoon network is the best product because that makes you gain monthly profits from advertising with high returns and also what you will gain from Maknoon free business tree and other products that people talked about it in addition to other advantages.

The website in Maknoon free business starting with 1500 LE and the real cost of the website is 5000 LE that’s what encourages a lot of people to buy it and access in Maknoon network  which you should be familiar with its story of success.