When you sign up for Free in Maknoon free business you can get money by:

        Direct commissions
You get this commission when a new member join Maknoon free business  , you get  5% of the value for what this member bought  from Maknoon free business
The new member who joined Maknoon free business enters your code when he buy any product from Maknoon s to be one of your marketing tree on Maknoon free business.
This direct commissions will be added in an independent credit  on your account  in Maknoon free business  
You can withdraw form this credit  at any time
You can withdraw from the balance of direct commissions whenever the balance reach 5000 LE .
Indirect commissions
 By subscribing in Maknoon free business and buying a product for you or anyone else you own already a node in Maknoon free business tree.
You get indirect commissions whenever 6 new members added on your marketing tree whether added by you or through your leaders on Maknoon free business, three on the right branch  are met by three on the left branch.
 The effectiveness of these node ends When your commission reached fifty thousand pounds (50000 LE).

You can own more than node in Maknoon tree Free Business whenever you bought a product of Maknoon products Free Business.
 Indirect commissions will be added  in an  independent balance on your profile in Maknoon Free Business.
You can withdraw form this credit  at any time
You can withdraw from the balance of indirect commissions whenever the balance reach 10000 LE

Points program
 Points program of Maknoon Free Business is related to network Maknoon for websites, where you get points to stand out from others.
- Maknoon teamwork Team adds these  points  automatically to your account.
- Whenever the rate of joining new members to Maknoon Free Business  
- If the number of the members who joined  Maknoon Free business  exceeded  Twenty  during  the period  your marketing node  work effectively.
When the rate of the website content changes rapidly  on Maknoon network.
When the number of visitors or subscribers of your website increased on Maknoon network.
When the rates of sales or purchases increased Maknoon network
when the  view ratios of the ads on your website on Maknoon network
You can replace your points with value products you can identify them through your profile